About Us

Welcome To Regenerate Africa

Regenerate Africa is a non-profit organisation that aims to contribute to, and accelerate Africa’s transition to a regenerative economy for the purpose of restoring climate stability, ending hunger, rebuilding deteriorated social, ecological, health and economic systems that benefit people, nature and the climate across Africa.

  • Our Vision

    We envision an Africa where human choices ensure a regenerative economy for the benefit of people and nature, and for a sustainable future.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to support increased adoption of regenerative human development approaches across Africa by building strategic partnerships, cultivating initiatives and innovations in production landscapes and supply chains, leading to healthier people, environment, climate, communities and sustainable livelihoods.

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Our Goals

To promote, facilitate and accelerate the African transition to a regenerative economy for the purpose of restoring climate stability, ending hunger, and rebuilding deteriorated ecological


To develop and implement action that contributes to broad climate resilience of communities, their environment-dependent livelihoods, and ecosystems

To enhance rights-based and socially-inclusive approaches to conservation for effective natural resource management, community wellbeing and biodiversity

To advance practical nature-based solutions and enterprises and sustainable value chains centred on better conservation, management and restoration of Africa’s ecosystems

To promote and advance the science and practice of sustainable scaling up of programs, projects, and innovations that cut across sectors

Recent Work

Ssenyi Forest

Nalumuli Bay Ecosystem Regeneration and Restoration Project

 Nalumuli Bay Ecosystem Regeneration and Restoration Project (1000ha) The project is located in Buikwe District, Ssi-Bukunja Sub-county. The project landscape covers the whole sub-county of ...

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Kijudde Regenerative Farm

Regenerate Africa has established Kijudde Regenerative Farm – a 40ha Regenerative Farm at Kalanamu in Luweero district. The farm offers technical and data expertise, strategic ...

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Kalanamu Great Outdoors and Recreation Center

Kalanamu Forest Greater Outdoors and Recreation Center Recreating in nature and forest offers us opportunities to better connect with the earth and inspire us to ...

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Kalanamu Smart-Log Cooperative

Regenerate Africa supports sustainable extractive activities and value addition for Kalanamu SmartLog Cooperative that benefits over 100households organised in a cooperative

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Bwema Island Forest and Landscape Regeneration Project

Bwema Island Forest and Landscape Regeneration Project The project consists of investments in about 500 hectares of forests in Bwema Buvuma aimed at enhancing the ...

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Bees4Women Project Regenerate Africa has partnered with Happy Bee Honey, Action for Rural Women Empowerment, Hold Uganda, Private Natural Forest Owners and Women Beekeepers groups ...

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